Innovation In Giving

  • Ceeders

    Ceeders is a social platform that enables people who do charitable deeds to share their stories and inspire others to give. Read more.

  • Age UK Logo

    Age UK

    Age UK worked with Innovation in Giving awardee Ecomodo to develop a new giving programme to both generate income and create greater social impact. Read more.

  • Panda

    WWF and Scope

    WWF, one of the world’s largest conservation organisations, is teaming up with SCOPE, which supports disabled people and their families, to address their shared giving challenges. Read more.

  • United Response logo

    United Response: Give Where You Live

    The national charity that supports people with disabilities and mental health needs is embarking on an ambitious project to transform its culture of giving. Read more.

  • Mencap Logo

    Mencap: Kids for Good

    Mencap, the voice of people with learning disabilities, intends to partner with JustGiving to launch a new platform to re-ignite giving by school children, their families and friends. Read more.

  • Keep Britain Tidy logo

    Keep Britain Tidy: Love Where You Live

    Keep Britain Tidy is working with a range of tech partners to reward and recognise the work of its supporters, while generating new income streams. Read more.

  • MarieCurie

    Marie Curie Cancer Care: Tickety Boo

    Marie Curie Cancer Care is dedicated to the care of people with terminal cancer and other illnesses. The charity is looking to increase donations through a new gaming platform, making giving more reciprocal and fun. Read more.

  • The Children’s Society

    The Children’s Society, which works to ensure young people are happy, valued and respected, is looking to make giving more personally relevant and transparent. Read more.

  • believein homepage is an online platform where individuals can create a profile around their charitable identity, raise funds and rally support for the causes they care about. Read more.

  • PositiveBid-screenshot


    The PositiveBid web application enables fundraisers to run mobile auctions during charity events. Read more.

  • DONATE logo

    National Funding Scheme

    The National Funding Scheme (NFS) has launched DONATE, a mobile giving platform freely available to all arts and cultural organisations in the UK. Read more.

  • Jeremy-Iles-on-allotment

    Growing Together

    Growing Together is a unique new partnership of voluntary sector organisations, which aims to unlock land for community growing use. Read more.

  • Adam-Pike-Michael-Harris-Lloyd-Dorfman

    Young Philanthropy

    Young Philanthropy (now BeyondMe) introduces young professionals to a career of giving and develops their potential as leading philanthropists. Read more.

  • Yimby website screenshot


    Yimby by JustGiving is a new crowdfunding community for social good. Yimby provides an easy way for people to use the web to raise funds for social and local projects. Read more.

  • Joe-Hedinger

    Chip In

    ‘Chip In’ is a range of uniquely designed, contactless payment card readers, which make charitable giving fast, fun, and harmonious with urban lifestyles. Read more.

  • Brixton Pound notes

    Payroll Local

    Payroll Local enables Lambeth Council staff to receive ‘Brixton Pounds’ – a ‘complementary currency’ that encourages people to support local businesses and charities – directly in their pay packets. Read more.

  • Buzzbnk mobile app: 'Daily Deals for Good' - screenshot


    Buzzbnk is an online crowdfunding platform that connects positive thinkers with enterprising doers. Read more.

  • Blue Dot website screenshot

    Blue Dot

    Blue Dot is a new digital currency that rewards people for doing good things for their favourite charities, such as volunteering, donating or ‘liking’ them on Facebook. Read more.

  • Dave Erasmus, Givey


    Givey uses social technologies like sms and twitter to encourage people to support the causes they care about and connect with other people who also want to make a difference. Read more.

  • Guess2Give Team Photo


    Guess2Give allows anyone taking part in an event to set up a sweepstake to raise money for charity. Read more.

  • images

    The Pennies Foundation

    Pennies, the electronic charity box, encourages consumers to give micro-donations to charity (from 1p to 99p) when making online or card payments with a growing bank of retailers. Read more.

  • Picture 3


    Crowdfunder is an online crowdfunding platform that brings communities together and allows individuals to pledge on projects they really believe in. Read more.

  • image-by-ciat-flickr


    Re:act is an innovative web app which recommends relevant opportunities for giving based on web users’ browsing behaviour. Read more.

  • image2

    See The Difference

    See the Difference is an online platform that enables innovation in giving through the creation of brand new apps, events, brands and social experiences that make giving fun, engaging and rewarding for 16-45 givers. Read more.

  • image

    SE Assist

    SENCS (Social Enterprises Need Corporate Support) aims to link large businesses and their employees with local social enterprises through a community investment model. Read more.

  • Pupils at Pendock primary who recently installed solar through the Solar Schools project

    Solar Schools

    Run by 10:10, Solar Schools is an innovative project that enables schools to crowdfund the cost of installing solar panels. Read more.

  • Timto_screenshot


    Timto has developed a unique group gifting platform, called Uplifting Gifting, which makes donating to charity an integral part of celebrating a special occasion. Read more.