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Young Philanthropy

Young Philanthropy (now BeyondMe) introduces young professionals to a career of giving and develops their potential as leading philanthropists.

A recent report highlighted that the over-60s are twice as likely to give to charity as the under-30s. The current generation of under-35s, or “Generation Y”, are connected and collaborative, community minded, craving new experiences and personal and professional fulfilment.

The ingredients are clearly there but the collective wealth, skills and energy of young professionals has yet to be mobilised in the right way. YP’s ‘Syndicate’ model (Syndicates are now known as BeyondMe Teams) aims to change this.

A Syndicate enables a group of young professionals to join together and invest their money, skills and energy in a niche charity project, with matched funding and mentoring support of a senior leader and their employer, thereby maximising the giving, impact and experience of philanthropy.


By early 2014, 25 Syndicates had been set up, investing more than £140,000, plus skills and expertise, in a range of issues including homelessness, health and international development.

Successful Syndicates have been set up at major employers including PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, EY, Allen & Overy, Coutts, Accenture and the Civil Service.

Young Philanthropy has also been accredited with a Deloitte Leader in Society Award and the prestigious Beacon Award for City Philanthropy.

Award and follow-on funding

In October 2012, Young Philanthropy was awarded £50,000 to scale the organisation, through the employment of a full-time professional to help achieve the following:

• Expand YP inside the top 25 UK graduate employers to develop the model as a franchise that can be aligned to existing networks and CSR strategies.
• Develop YP’s learning and leadership components by increasing the range of networking breakfasts and roundtable events with leading philanthropists.
• Develop the organisation’s online presence.

YP was later awarded a further £175,000 to help fund additional staff and expansion costs. The organisation has also been backed by the Pears Foundation and the City of London Corporations’s charity City Bridge Trust.

Crucially, YP is determined to become a financially sustainable social enterprise by 2016.


Kawika Solidum, Chief Executive

Philanthropy at work

A handful of charitable projects that have been supported by YP Syndicates:
• The KPMG Syndicate is investing in Barnardo’s Young Women’s Project in Islington, offering support to young women who have been exploited.
• The Deloitte Syndicate is supporting a PhD student on Cancer Research UK’s Young Scientist of Tomorrow Programme.
• The PwC Syndicate is sponsoring a mentoring programme at LEAP for five young offenders.

The organisation rebranded as BeyondMe in 2014 and released its first impact report Our first five years in December 2016.

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