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Year Here is a postgraduate leadership programme that challenges Britain’s brightest talents to a year of tackling society’s toughest problems.

Year Here exists to create better leaders for a better society. Diving deep into the daily realities of people living at the margins of society, it’s ‘fellows’ develop the insight and legitimacy that many of society’s current leaders lack. From serving at the frontline of London’s social services to learning from the country’s leading social entrepreneurs, fellows develop the empathy, hustle and acumen they need to make a serious impact.

The London-based programme is a full-time and long-term commitment for smart and curious graduates. Year Here identifies great people, applies them to the toughest challenges in society (from the isolation of older people to stubbornly persistent social inequalities) and creates the conditions for them to:

  • develop a deep appreciation of the lives of their fellow citizens
  • be courageous in their approach to change, and
  • develop the ability to design effective solutions – whether they achieve that through politics, business, charity or social enterprise.

As well as driving long-term change through better leadership, it aims for serious impact in the here and now. Year Here brings manpower and creativity to critical public and social services, directly affecting the lives of some of the most marginalised people in London.


With support from the Innovation in Giving Fund, Year Here launched its first fellowship in 2013. Kicking off at Number 10 Downing Street, Year Here was featured in the Evening Standard, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent.

Its 12 fellows went on to commit thousands of hours to homelessness services, schools and care homes across London. Three fully fledged social ventures were started as a result of the programme, Year Here were featured in Tedx and its placement organisations invariably agreed that fellows were a powerful resource during their time there.

Year Here is now in the second phase of its development, a 9-month postgraduate programme in social innovation. This includes an expanded set of partners, a rigorous curriculum of experiential and academic learning, and ambitious goals to launch more fully functional social enterprises into the sector.

Phase three will see the programme become a fully accredited Master’s degree as Year Here takes the programme to scale and brings more of Britain’s brightest to the field of social innovation.

The award

Year Here was awarded £50,000 through the second round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to launch its first fellowship in 2013.


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