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Volunteer Centre Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde

Volunteer Centre Blackpool has developed a new web platform where organisations can post ‘bite-sized’ volunteering opportunities which fit around busy lives.

Volunteer Centre Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde has developed Do a Bit, a self-serve web platform where volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) can place bite-sized volunteering opportunities – which are more accessible, manageable and relevant to prospective volunteers – and have enquiries forwarded to them automatically.

The idea is to increase the number of people who volunteer by offering access to taster, entry-level volunteering opportunities which don’t require a big commitment of time, helping people get started with volunteering and fit this around busy lives.


Between May to December 2013, the centre achieved 850 new volunteer registrations.

The platform includes the innovative Volunteer Passport, an area where volunteers can record civic contributions, learning and achievements (also available in printed form), which can help to build their confidence and demonstrate their skills and credentials to VIOs. This can also help to streamline some of the processes involved in volunteer management and increase the time spent volunteering – for example, by recording details of CRB checks and references.

The project is also making use of Mozilla Open Badges, which VIOs can award to volunteers to reward and recognise their contributions. Volunteer Centre Blackpool has developed an Open Badges training package to enable volunteers and VIOs to learn about this new technology.

The project was awarded £48,950 to carry out this work.


Lynn Saggerson, Chief Executive

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