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Tyze Personal Networks

Tyze Personal Networks is an online tool that enables users to create a private community centred on one person with care needs.

The primary beneficiaries of Tyze are people undergoing treatment for critical illness, older people, and people with disabilities, as well as the network of carers and caregiving agencies that provide support for them.

The founding organisation behind Tyze has shown time and time again that people who are supported by a caring network have better health, employment, and education outcomes and require less medical care and social services support. However, while there’s often much capacity for help from family, friends and others, it can be difficult to coordinate this support.

Tyze addresses this problem by enabling users to build online personal networks where caregivers can coordinate, share, and contribute within a circle of support – making it easy for the individual, their family, friends and care professionals to work together to ensure an individual’s needs are met.

Once a private network has been created, everyone in the community has access to a range of tools: everything from scheduling appointments and posting tasks to storing personal care plans, planning social events, uploading photos, sharing stories and sending messages. Volunteer carers can quickly see specific ways they can lend a hand – such as driving a neighbour to the shop or buying groceries.

This encourages open communication and helps everyone in the network feel connected and updated – regardless of location or role. At the same time, it can help people with care needs to live independently in their own homes, with the support of their network.

The award

In April 2012, Tyze Personal Networks was awarded £75,000 to launch in the UK with Shared Lives Plus, the UK network for family-based and small-scale ways of supporting adults.

Follow-on funding

Tyze was awarded a further £181,000 to build the capacity of the UK team and build new partnerships to make Tyze available across the UK.

In early 2014 Tyze was acquired by Saint Elizabeth, a large Canadian domiciliary care charity. Following the acquisition, Saint Elizabeth’s has decided to focus on growing the number of users of the Tyze technology in Canada and North America where Saint Elizabeth’s operate.  They are not prioritising international expansion beyond those core markets at this time. We have therefore agreed to end the Innovation in Giving Fund’s support for the Tyze CIC in the UK.

The total amount paid to support the Tyze project was £145,000


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