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Timto has developed a unique group gifting platform, called Uplifting Gifting, which makes donating to charity an integral part of celebrating a special occasion.

Research identified that as many as 20% of all gifts received are either never used, given away or thrown out – this equates to £2bn p.a. of wasted expenditure in the UK.

The challenge was to channel the generosity of friends and family to create a feel-good way to give and receive better gifts while doing good at the same time. The idea for ‘Uplifting Gifting’ was born.

The platform powers a range of online gift services that let friends and family contribute to a collective gift fund rather than buying an individual gift. This allows the person celebrating to split the aggregated money as they wish between better gifts and also a donation to charity (for example 80% gifts: 20% donation).

Significantly, the charity receives every penny donated (plus gift aid) while gifts can be bought from millions of gifts supplied by and other retailers.

Uplifting Gifting can be used either for someone’s own celebration or to organise a money collection to treat someone else. This makes it suitable for a wide range of gift buying occasions including birthdays, weddings and gift collections at work.

Timto aims to make it easy for people of all ages to give, helping to build a nation of budding philanthropists.


Since its launch in 2010, timto has won a number of awards, including ‘Most Promising Digital Platform’ in the Digital Fundraising Awards (in association with UK Fundraising) and the DNA ‘Profit with Purpose Prize’, awarded by Bridges Ventures.

As well as the original platform, timto has developed a ‘white label’ service which enables major charities to set up their own free dedicated version of the site, for use by their own supporters and networks – for example, check out Uplifting Gifting for Macmillan. Meanwhile, smaller charities can use the original platform at no cost.

The award

Timto was awarded £150,000 in the first round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to accelerate business development, including investing in IT equipment and infrastructure, project management, marketing and developing more collaboration with charities to grow their model for a “celebrate and give” culture. The award also went towards the development of the web platform.


Nathan Cornish, co-founder


“Macmillan is excited to be working with timto to make their innovative Uplifting Gifting platform available to our supporters. We believe Uplifting Gifting has the potential to deliver significant incremental value to Macmillan, while allowing us to strengthen our relationships with both individual and corporate supporters.”

Ben Welch, Head of Fundraising Development at Macmillan Cancer Support

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