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Open Source Timebanking

Timebanking UK will develop and implement an open-source, free-to-use platform to significantly reduce the barriers to entry for setting up, joining or managing local timebanks.

Traditionally, the set up and management of timebanks has been resource intensive, relying on a timebank broker to match supply and demand within a community.

Timebanking UK will automate this process, reducing the costs and barriers for organisations and individuals to establish and maintain a timebank.

Timebanking UK are building on proven open source timebanking software ‘Community Weaver’ developed by Timebanks USA.  This software will also open up public, private and community resources and make it easier to add bespoke timebanking projects. More importantly, it will encourage the rapid scale up of the exchange of time and skills, helping more people to connect with each other to build sustainable communities.

Timebanking UK is the national umbrella charity linking and supporting timebanks across the UK by providing inspiration, guidance and practical help. It has over 220 member time-banks and represents over 20,000 timebankers across the UK, generating over 1 million hours of support per year.

The Award:

Timebanking UK were awarded £150,000 to fast-track the technology development, business modelling and implementation of Community Weaver.

This grant was varied, and the award reduced to £80,000.


Sam Hopley

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