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The People Who Share is a global movement to encourage sharing, from the team behind the world’s first comparison site for the sharing economy.

From spare rooms to sporting equipment, there are more than £3.5 trillion worth of underused assets in the world today, according to The People Who Share co-founder Benita Matofska. The People Who Share, a global movement to encourage sharing, is looking to change this.

With the support of the Innovation in Giving Fund, the organisation has developed, the world’s first comparison site for the sharing economy, bringing together opportunities from other sites that encourage sharing into one place.

“Our vision is to open up the sharing economy in the same way that eBay opened up the second-hand goods market,” says Benita.

The team is also behind the pioneering Global Sharing Day, a mass engagement campaign to encourage sharing around the world.


Having launched with a focus on car sharing, Compare and Share has since expanded into holiday accommodation, with more categories on the cards. Meanwhile, Compare and Share also licenses, builds and customises sharing technology for other organisations that want to make the most of their unused assets.

Compare and Share recently made crowdfunding history by becoming the first company to triple its target on an equity-based crowdfunding platform – Crowdcube. The business raised £151,530 from 157 investors.

The organisation will run the third Global Sharing Day on June 1 2014, increasing 2013’s reach of over 70 million people in 192 countries. Compare and Share has also launched a free Global Sharing Economy Directory on, listing over 7,500 sharing economy organisations.

Compare and Share was named one of the top 20 startups of 2013 by, having won the UKTI-backed ‘TechPitch’ competition in the same year.

Benita adds: “The People Who Share believes in a connected world of cohesive communities, where people come together to share the life they love and live the life they want by sharing cars, skills, knowledge, time, homes, gardens, clothes…. the opportunities are endless. Our goal is to unlock the sharing potential in every person, in every home and in every street. What will you share?”

The award

The People Who Share was awarded £50,000 in the first round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to build the prototype for the marketplace and then grow the capacity of the business.


Benita Matofska
Chief Sharer & Founder, The People Who Share & Compare and Share

Imran Azam
Media Director & Co-founder Sharing TV, The People Who Share

Nick Tong
Co-founder & Technology Sharer, Compare and Share

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