Innovation In Giving

The Amazings was a social venture that helped older people to share their knowledge and skills with their communities.

It did this by creating classes, online and offline, that were taught by older people with amazing passion, experience and skills.

The end result was mutually rewarding – participants got to learn a new skill from someone with amazing experience and talent; while the teachers – many of whom were retired – continued to play an active role in society and find fulfilment passing on their knowledge, whether knitting, sewing, bookbinding or stone masonry.


The Amazings delivered 300+ face-to-face classes, to about 1,500 people in london. In total, the organisation enrolled 13,000 people to online classes, generating around 25,000 hours of skill sharing.

Award and follow-on funding

The Amazings was awarded £50,000 in the first round of the fund to continue developing the website, recruit more ‘Amazings’, help with running costs and help raise the organisation’s national profile. The Amazings was later awarded an additional £148,000 to fund further development work on the website, including the introduction of online courses.


Adil Abrar

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