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Slivers-of-Time is a web platform that makes it really easy for people to volunteer their spare time to help charities or their local community.

One of the biggest barriers to volunteering is time. Lots of people would like to help organisations they care about, but it’s not always easy to fit this around work and family responsibilities.

Slivers-of-Time is aiming to change this. The organisation has created a platform that lets potential volunteers show charities precisely when they’re available to help – down to the exact hours in the day when they’re free.

Volunteers have full control over their time and availability, and can use the platform to make the most of spare pockets (slivers) of time – for example, by spending a couple of hours volunteering at the local library.

At the same time, charities can use the platform to find people to help with last-minute emergencies – or those who would like to commit to a regular schedule – while expanding their overall volunteer base.

The system can be locally configured and branded to be used by any organisation looking for volunteers or part-time workers on a flexible basis.


Slivers-of-Time is continuing to work with three local councils: Bristol, Hertfordshire and London Borough of Greenwich, and has now developed a full end-to-end volunteer recruitment, scheduling and reporting system.

Charities can create their own pre-vetted and skills-matched pools of volunteers, which they can call on at any time to find volunteers for regular sessions or to fulfil last-minute requirements.

The system also tracks the number of hours volunteers have donated, allowing organisations to recognise and reward people for their efforts.

The award

In April 2012, Slivers-of-Time was awarded £150,000 through the first round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to scale community-based volunteering via its web platform within three local council areas.


Rickard O’Connell

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