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See The Difference

See the Difference is an online platform that enables innovation in giving through the creation of brand new apps, events, brands and social experiences that make giving fun, engaging and rewarding for 16-45 givers.

See The Difference has conducted a 2 year live web experiment investigating the behavioural psychology of online giving.

Based on their research, See The Difference will run a year-long program to test 10 ideas that make giving more rewarding. Examples currently being tested are: an anti-chugger app developed by the 8bit community,, a transparent giving blog (know where your money goes), a celebrity giving club and a national micro music festival for schools.

All of these are ‘powered by See The Difference’ technology. This technology runs on an open platform which encourages people to code, develop and innovate on it. It also makes it easier to integrate social media into each project and to reward to the process of giving for example, by offering recognition for giving amongst peers.

Nesta have been greatly impressed by See The Difference research and will be supporting the organisation to share their insights widely in the coming months.

The award:

See The Difference have be awarded £50,000 to cover technical development costs of making the platform more open and to continue with the series of 10 ‘giving experiments’ over 12 months.

Contact details:

Dominic Vallely

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