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Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service

Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service (CVS) has developed an innovative volunteer-supported policing project, aiming to get more people involved in delivering public services.

Against a backdrop of public sector cuts, public services need to find innovative ways to achieve more with less. With this in mind, Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service has been working with Lincolnshire Police to encourage and enable volunteers to help deliver key police services.

Together, they have been working to integrate volunteers within the police force, creating innovative new volunteer roles to support and enhance policing. These new volunteer roles are being developed to support police priorities, help the police provide a better service and underpin the value of volunteers in civic society, as well as providing routes into employment for volunteers.


  • Phase one of the project has focused on developing the volunteering infrastructure within Lincolnshire Police to recruit, train and support volunteers on an ongoing basis. In its first nine months, Lincolnshire CVS has also supported the development of 42 new Police Support Volunteer roles.
  • Lincolnshire CVS, along with its sister organisation Voluntary Centre Services, is now looking to expand the model across other public services, while continuing to support Lincolnshire Police to develop new volunteering opportunities and recruit new volunteers.
  • By engaging volunteers in police work, this project is not only offering much-needed extra capacity for the police, it’s helping to strengthen the community.

The award

Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service was awarded £50,000 through the Volunteer Centre Programme to develop and implement the volunteer-supported policing project, including increasing the capacity of the organisation.

The project has also been supported by Lincolnshire Police.


David Fannin, acting chief executive

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