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Keep Britain Tidy: Love Where You Live

Keep Britain Tidy is working with a range of tech partners to reward and recognise the work of its supporters, while generating new income streams.

Environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy already has an active supporter base – which, it estimates, contributes over a million hours a year towards its core work. The problem? At present, Keep Britain Tidy doesn’t log, acknowledge or share this contribution. Nor does it give volunteers the opportunity to donate to the cause. This all adds up to vast untapped potential, which has been distilled into four specific challenges:

• How to capture and build on existing support.
• How to translate local contributions into a ‘currency’ to catalyse giving.
• How to turn locally driven action into national support.
• How to raise £1m in new income streams by turning local involvement into national fundraising.

The solution

Keep Britain Tidy is working with a handful of partners, including Innovation in Giving awardee Project Dirt, to launch its highest profile programme for 30 years: ‘Love Where You Live’.

“Our solution is simple,” says Simone Spray, Director of Programmes at Keep Britain Tidy. “Using the digital innovations of our partners we will create a digital mapping website application, where our supporters can upload images and stories, communicate with each other and inspire others – and for the first time ever, [they] will be able to make financial donations.”

But that’s not all. Keep Britain Tidy is also exploring rewarding contributors through a new Keep Britain Tidy currency. Supporters could earn Goodwill Credits for giving time, money or skills, which can be spent on products and services donated by corporate partners as part of their marketing activity.

The award

Keep Britain Tidy has been awarded £118,800 to cover researching, building and testing the platform, app and currency development, launching the network and testing on one corporately funded campaign.

Match-funding this commitment, Keep Britain Tidy is contributing £223,355, to cover key staff posts, internal web and CRM development. In addition, I Am Tomorrow, Delphis Eco, Project Dirt, Sustaination and Accelerance are contributing a total of £76,000 in in-kind support and staff time to the development of the project.

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