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Yimby by JustGiving is a new crowdfunding community for social good. Yimby provides an easy way for people to use the web to raise funds for social and local projects.

JustGiving’s crowdfunding platform enables users to easily create a project page, then use the power of the crowd both to help validate the project and raise the funds required to turn it into reality.

Over the past 12 years, JustGiving has helped its users raise over £1.5bn for charities. Through Yimby, the fundraising site has extended its offering to enable anyone in the UK to raise money for a cause or community project they care about – whether they’re a charity or not.

Nesta is supporting a number of crowdfunding platforms and models through the Innovation in Giving fund, which are using the concept in different ways to encourage giving. Yimby is focusing on the local aspect of social good. Through geo-location and mobile technology, it helps users find projects near them, encouraging communities to come together to make a difference at the local level and see the impact they make.


The project, previously called ‘JustGiving Local’, left beta and officially launched in November 2013 under its new name ‘Yimby’, which stands for ‘Yes in my back yard’ (a play on the familiar expression ‘Not in my back yard’).

Throughout its beta stage and first three months of launch, Yimby helped more than 300 projects gain support from over 10,000 people, raising almost £400,000 for good causes across the UK.

The site has helped save football clubs, funded medical costs for people in need and brought communities together around gardening groups, theatre and sport. Memorable projects include saving Kettering Town Football Club and the No More Page 3 campaign to sponsor Cheltenham Town Ladies FC kits. You can find lots more inspiring projects on the Yimby homepage.

Jonathan Waddingham, Social & Labs Product Manager at JustGiving, says investing in the mobile experience has been a priority from day one, and is becoming even more important going forward. He says: “Giving is mobile, so making giving experiences great on mobiles is a must.”

You can find out more about how Yimby was developed here.

The award

JustGiving was awarded £50,000 in the second round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to kickstart the technical development of the crowdfunding platform.


Jonathan Waddingham
Social Labs Product Manager

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