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Guess2Give allows anyone taking part in an event to set up a sweepstake to raise money for charity.

Imagine you’re getting ready to run the London Marathon. Rather than asking your friends to sponsor you, Guess2Give enables you to set up an online sweepstake where anyone can guess how long it will take you to finish the race.

Each guess costs £3, with up to £2.50 (including Gift Aid) going to charity, and 50p going into a prize fund. The best guess wins the prize, which can either be collected or donated to charity.

Noticing that the charitable giving market was weighted towards female donors, the idea behind Guess2Give was to use ‘gamification’ (turning something into a game) to encourage more people to give and engage new audiences – particularly men and younger people – by introducing a spirit of friendly competition and making the giving process more fun.

Anything that can be measured can become a fundraising event – whether it’s guessing the length of a best-man’s speech, or how far a paper plane will fly.


Two years on from launch, 160 of the UK’s largest charities have signed up to the platform, including Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Parkinson’s UK, Whizz Kidz and Shelter.

Co-founder Mark Chandler says: “Guess2Give has proven that gamification of giving attracts a wider group of users that includes younger users and more males than traditional fundraising activities.”

The system is now being redeveloped to include new income streams for charities, encourage sharing via social networks and make the site more mobile friendly to enable ‘guessing-on-the-go’.

Award and follow-on funding

Guess2Give was awarded £50,000 in the first round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to grow charity acquisitions, develop additional functionality on the website, take on new staff members and raise awareness of the service.

The organisation was later awarded a further £120,000 to help fund additional marketing and staff costs and redevelop the platform.

A final award of £4,040 was made to support Guess2Give to access finance from other funders and investor networks.

Guess2Give is also a recent awardee of the Big Venture Challenge, a programme from UnLtd and the Big Lottery Fund, which supports ambitious entrepreneurs looking to achieve social impact at scale.


Mark Chandler:


“For me being part of Guess2Give was a simple decision to make as it will provide a new income stream without any cost or risk to the charity. It also provides a new, fun and slightly competitive element to fundraising and enables supporters not just participants to be really involved in an event.”

– Paul Jackson-Clark, Fundraising director of Parkinson’s UK

“Guess2Give was selected as a finalist in the ‘Take One Small Step Challenge’ due to its innovative, social enterprise approach to raising funds for UK charities.”

–Naguib Kheraj, Vice Chairman of Barclays Bank

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