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Give What You’re Good At

Give What You’re Good At matches professionals who want to give their skills to charities who need talent.

The platform aims to help charities, companies and individuals get the most out of volunteering, by matching professionals with opportunities based on their skills and interests.

Charities can choose from off-the shelf solutions, whether they’re looking for a professional to design a logo, plan a social media campaign or complete a funding application. Using technology, the platform finds the perfect match between a charity’s needs and a professional’s skills, passion and personality – enabling volunteers to make the biggest impact when giving their time.


Two years on from launch, 240,870 professionals and 506 company partners have registered on the site, and more than £3m worth of pro bono work has been completed for charities.

Give What You’re Good At has also built a solid revenue stream by offering innovative learning and team-building packages to large companies, while keeping the skills-matching platform free for non-profits and individuals.

Its award-winning team-building challenge Mission: Difference enables teams from bluechip companies to work together to tackle real challenges faced by charities, drawing on data from millions of non-profits to get the right skills and passions to help the cause.

More than 180 teams have participated in the challenge (from organisations including Aviva, Pfizer and Nationwide), with encouraging feedback so far. Charities have gained valuable insights and expertise; employees have reported a renewed sense of enthusiasm for their work while companies have noted a positive impact on employee engagement, productivity and skills.

Give What You’re Good At has also developed GWYGA Pro, a learning tool for employers which provides line managers with a method of requesting training via skilled volunteering; it matchmakes junior colleagues with senior colleagues to work together on a cause they care about. Over 150 companies have adopted GWYGA Pro.

According to founder Ami Bloomer, Give What You’re Good At translates good intentions into meaningful action, connecting professionals with the causes they care about – and these connections often lead to even more giving. She says: “The platform enables charities to learn new skills, cultivate new advocates for their cause and connect to new opportunities – which have led to major private and corporate donations.”

Ami adds that the key to encouraging big companies to embrace skilled volunteering lies in demonstrating the “direct and quantifiable” business benefits this can bring.

The award

Launched on March 1 2012, Give What You’re Good At was awarded £50,000 in the second round of the Innovation in Giving Fund to improve and scale the technology platform, as well as introducing new services such as same-day job matching.


Ami Bloomer, founder & CEO


[Give What You're Good At] could be huge… I think they’re onto something. Research published by Zurich shows relevant pro bono [work] enhances employee well-being and productivity.”

__ Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society

GWYGA has plugged a valuable gap by seamlessly bringing the needs of various charities into the view of professionals keen to offer some of their skills and time. I found the experience very rewarding and have recommended it to several of my friends.

__ Ben Cocke, Marketing Consultant & Strategist

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