Innovation In Giving

#wewillgather uses social networks to galvanise mass civic participation and action; a flashmob approach to taking practical action to improve your neighbourhood from the organisers of #riotcleanup.

During the riots experienced in some cities across the UK in 2011, a group of people used social media and the Twitter hashtag #riotcleanup to organise people, resources and events to help clean up their affected neighbourhoods.

#wewillgather is a new initiative from the same team, and building on their experience of #riotcleanup they aim to enable people to organise mass action in their local community, by helping them unlock the power and potential of the social networking tools already in use, like Twitter and Facebook.

#wewillgather has developed a service which enables users to identify and report a problem in their area – for example, an overgrown corner or an untidy street, tag it on a map and then use social media platforms to build a team of local volunteers to take action and fix the problem.


As of March 2014, #wewillgather has seen more than 3,000 volunteers take part in around 300 self-organised events to give their time, resources, energy and skills to improve their communities and support causes they care about.

The award

#wewillgather was awarded £100,000 in the first round of the fund for software development and to deliver a series of regional showcase and testing events to promote the uptake of the tool and get people active in their local area.


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