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Cool2Care is launching a new Family Reciprocity programme that makes it easier for families with disabled children to connect and support each other through the exchange of time.

Cool2Care will apply their core model of recruiting, screening, training and matching Personal Assistants (PA’s) with families with disabled children to their new Family Reciprocity Programme. Rather than matching families with individual PA’s, this programme will match families with other families with disabled children.

Families can offer their time to each other with the incentive of then banking the time they contribute. Banked time can then be redeemed when they need support for their own family, helping improve access to care and offering much needed respite care.

The expectation is that through this scheme disabled children, young people, siblings and parents will benefit not only by earning credits of time for support, but also by being connected to other families that have shared experiences of disability. This will build support networks and reduce isolation which is cited as an issue affecting 65% of UK families with disabled children today.

This innovative organisation is excited at the prospect of scaling up its programme so it can support even more families across the UK.

The Award:

Cool2Care have been awarded £100,000 to develop a pilot across four localities in England. In the end, £17,850 of this award was de-committed.


Phil Conway
Founder, CEO

Emily Ghazarian
Head of Fundraising


cool2care feedback from Commissioners, PA’s and families who have benefited from their services:

“My son has had a major spinal operation, I don’t know what I would do without cool2care. They have found us two lovely carers, I would not be able to cope without their help.”
– Parent

“Although I’ve been teaching and caring for A., the care has had a funny way of teaching me about myself too. Whenever I meet someone with a different perspective on the world around us it helps me to develop and question my own perspective too….The care has had such a positive effect on me.  It has set me with challenges, placed me in to new ways of socialising and as a result developed my self esteem. Above all it makes me feel like I’m making a difference. I think very highly of the family I’ve been placed with, and would love to continue the work for as long as I possibly can”
– young PA.


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