Innovation In Giving

Ceeders is a social platform that enables people who do charitable deeds to share their stories and inspire others to give.

Ceeders aims to increase giving by enabling users – who are individuals, corporates and charities – to share stories about their good deeds. Users’ friends and co-workers can see these stories and, if inspired, share them with their own networks or get involved themselves – for example, by donating or volunteering.

Charities can also use Ceeders to engage with existing donors and tap into their supporters’ networks, while also gaining valuable insights into their donor base.

Finally, companies can encourage employees and customers to share stories through Ceeders, and match-fund charitable giving in a new and social way.

This enables companies to engage employees and customers around the causes they care about, make the most of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) spend and see their brand promoted across social media off the back of their employees’ and customers’ good deeds.

The platform is due to launch in May 2014.

The award

Ceeders was awarded £50,000 to develop and prototype the platform.


Clare Delmar

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